Starlight Casino Sports Betting Opportunities

Starlight Casino has a lot to offer besides its 850 slots and 45 table games (which include Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, EZ Baccarat, 3 Card Poker, Fortune Pai Gow Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Pai Gow Tiles, Four Card Poker, Pai Gow and Fast Action Hold’em). There is also a sports bar where you can place bets on many different sports events available, which means that not only can you enjoy your favorite slots and casino games, you can also place a bet on some exciting event and even watch it live!

There is a lot people who had this kind of experience had to share!

Angelo, Surrey

I loved being at this casino, as it has a lot of flat screens all over the place, no matter where you are. So while I was playing slots I could follow the game I previously bet on at their sports bar – multitasking in my favorite way. My team lost, but I did win in the slot I was playing at the moment. It’s a great place if you are into some gambling but are also interested in sports and would like to place some bets.

Peter, Vancouver

I’ve visited this place a few times with friends and on my own. Last time we went my friends suggested placing a bet on some sports game and took me to their sports bar. The sports bar is pretty spacious and there were a lot of people there, a buzzing and enjoyable atmosphere we all enjoyed. There was a cozy seating area and the service was impeccable.

Jon, Victoria

I had a great time at this casino when I came to place some bets on sports. I heard a lot about their sports bar – my colleague could not stop raving about it. And now I see I was right to come down there. They have plenty of parking spaces there and the sports bar is very comfortable. Luck was on my side so I even managed to predict the outcome and got paid right there. Would not be enough for anything fancy, but it did pay for a nice meal at our favorite restaurant a couple days later.

Bob, Nanaimo

What a great place to bet on sports! Before I tried it I had no idea modern casinos even offer this option! Unlike your average bookmaker, here you enjoy the atmosphere or luxury and great service when making your bet. Then you can take a seat and enjoy some game (maybe even the one you bet on!). It’s a nice discovery – I’m planning to come by with a bunch of friends and place a bet on some game they will be showing.

Joe, Burnaby

I had a good time here a few days ago when I came with some friends to watch a game. They have this huge screen to watch games on, serving food and drinks. Overall amazing service and a great way to bet on sports. And if you get tired of sitting and watching, there is always the rest of the casino to explore.

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