Starlight Casino Roulette: Personal Experience And Reviews

Starlight casino offers a decent choice of table games – 45 in total. Among them you will find your all-time favorites such as baccarat, poker and of course roulette. There are tables with varieties of roulette available with different limits – from 50¢, which is very popular with new customers at the casino. There are higher limit tables for gamblers that prefer playing it big and being surrounded by like-minded patrons.

But no matter the kind of roulette you prefer and how much money you’ve got tonight, you might find the feedback of other visitors of Starlight casino useful. Here is what they had to say about their Starlight Casino roulette experience:

Eva, Deroche

I’m a big fan of roulette – this is the essence of any casino to me, as you can just rely on your luck blindly and still have a lot of fun. The excitement of roulette at Starlight casino is legendary – from excellent quality equipment to real friendly dealers, they really make you feel welcome and appreciated. I actually won $200 at the end of the night, which was very nice.

Gina, Lynden

I came by the casino during my stay at a nearby hotel. It’s good they let you walk in and don’t make a big deal out of it – although I did have to show my ID and they even scanned it for some reason. I looked younger than 19, which is the legal gambling age down there, so I guess they have to follow their rules. Beyond that somewhat unpleasant experience I had a great time playing roulette – as someone with nearly no experience I went for the low limit kind that allowed bets of 50 cent.

Daniel, Hemlock Valley

Playing roulette at Starlight casino was a surprise for my wife with whom we celebrated our wedding anniversary – in a new and exciting way. I told the person that welcomed us at the door and they surprised us with a bottle of champagne. Granted, we were playing at the higher stakes table, but still – I was very impressed and my wife certainly did not expect that. Nice touch and a great atmosphere. We are not much of gamblers, but this was a very pleasant experience.

Martin, Atchelitz

My impressions about Starlight casino roulette are nothing but positive. It’s very clean, the dealers are cute yet professional, the game runs fair and I’m generally pretty lucky there. So I like the place and will be coming back to play some more.

Richard, Bowen Island

For me there is no better casino in entire British Columbia. I can’t tell you exactly how many roulette tables they have, but there are plenty to choose from. I tried both lower stakes and high stakes table and switched between them from time to time based on my sixth sense. So far I’ve been walking away with a couple hundred more than I came in with every time! I enjoy the friendly personnel and the design, it feels very elegant and even chic.

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