Find Out How Many Slot Machines At Starlight Casino Are Available Today

If you are wondering how many slots can be found at Starlight Casino – out of statistical curiosity or just because you intend to pay them a visit one day, you will be impressed by the sheer number – 850 total. This number means you can come to the casino even during the busiest days or hours and always find something to your liking. All slots are available 24/7 to the guests of the casino.

And here are some of the reviews shared by people that already visited Starlight casino:

John, Richmond

I come to casinos for slots, and 850 is a great number, if you ask me. I like to come in the morning hours, as it’s very peaceful – the rest of the time it’s pretty busy around for my taste. Which I guess speaks to the popularity of this place with the locals and the tourists. I also had the experience of dining at their Asian restaurant and it was exquisite.

Amy, Sidney

I’ve been reading about Starlight Casino before going there and I decided I’d first go for the Casino Cash mystery slots that give you a nearly guaranteed chance that someone will win. Will that someone be you? I was hoping it would be me! As suggested I followed the Casino Cash sign to get to the machines and bam! a few minutes later some lady was screaming, because she won several thousand dollars, having started playing a few minutes before! Wasn’t me, but now I know there is a good chance.

Terence, Kamloops

Starlight casino offers the most decent choice of slots and atmosphere in British Columbia. Everything is very pleasant and relaxed, you are not distracted in any way. I managed to locate my favorite slots (got some help from the friendly personnel though) and had a great time.

Dwight, Penticton

It’s tough to say what I don’t enjoy about Starlight casino. It’s big and yet very comfortable to be at, offers a great number of slots to choose from – including that neat mystery cash slot deal. They even had some slots that just came out and that I had not seen on the Strip a week before that – which in my opinion makes it pretty great.

Juan, Portland

I had an hour to kill and popped in for a few spins. Tried a bunch of different slots – there is a lot to choose from, truly. I liked the feel of the casino, the way they treat their clients, the quality of the slots – all look brand new and very exciting. I was even offered to become a member of their loyalty program, but since I do it like once a month I decided to decline. But definitely A for the effort and choice of slots.

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